Your Committee

Another year, another committee! Meet your new committee members below, so you can put a face to the people who send you emails, invite you places and post on social media. We’re all friendly, and we’re all happy to answer any questions you may have!

César Ferradas13509858_10208333917119414_323834198_o.jpg

Hey! I’m a Computer Science Undergraduate student at UCL. I became vegan the 12th of June 2014. Veganism has been life changing for me. I went from an avid meat lover that had steak and ham daily to a vegan animal rights activist. I want to inspire others to change their lives and the lives of others (animals) in the same way I did. I believe veganism is the fastest growing and most important social justice movement that humanity is facing today. Most of the pressing issues we struggle with at the moment can be solved on an individual level with veganism: environmental degradation, animal abuse and public health. As president I promise to do my best this year to make VegSoc become a more important society in UCL and to help its members to become confident in their veganism. Because the world needs it.

nd creSupport Officer
Annie Wood
Hi everyone! I’m a third year Law with Hispanic Law student currently studying in Madrid – so whilst you might hear from me quite a lot, it’s unlikely you’ll see me about much until next year! I am taking on a more online/supportive role this year to stay involved with the society, helping the other committee members and creating this website! Last year I worked a lot on organising events and campaigns in the society. In my spare time I read a lot – from Sophie Kinsella right up to Tolkein and Austen, so no discrimination (or class) at all – and I have a dog and a cat who I adore. If you have any questions, I’m always happy to help, or can direct you towards someone who can!

Transitions Mentor
Piers Grassmann
piers being weird

Hi everyone, my name’s Piers Grassmann and I’m going into my final year of Linguistics. As transition mentor my role involves helping anyone who feels they need assistance in the process of becoming or staying vegetarian or vegan. My hobbies outside of the society include Football, pretty much anything related to sport and exercise, film, languages- as may be obvious from my degree and pretty much anything you’re convinced we’d both find interesting! 🙂 I also like food. A lot. Especially hummus. Aside from all that, I was a regular old carnivore for 18 years of my life so I should be able to relate to anyone making the change after many years of mindless meat, cheese, milk and egg consumption. I’m always free to contact through Facebook, email or any other way you might find me (I do an arts subject after all), and I look forward to a great year ahead at VegSoc!

Events Manager
Natasha Graves
I’m a second year studying Arts and Sciences here at UCL. This year I will be your new Events Manager so expect some bangin’ socials and unforgettable events. Ever since applying for UCL I have been scouting out UCLU VegSoc, stalking their Facebook page as an anxious applicant and making a beeline for their stall at the fresher’s fair. Some may say I’m overly keen, some say I’m a loner, but one thing is definitely true: I am obsessed with vegetables. Take what you will from that, but be assured of one thing, I will not be held back on the vegetable puns. I have to beetroot to myself. Peas don’t let this bio put you off from saying hi, I will try to persuede you of my sanity as the year goes on, but when you actually turnip I carrot promise anything.

Geofrey Phutietsile
My name is Geofrey Phutietsile and I study Neuroscience at UCL as an international student from Botswana. I like to think of myself as a critical thinker and enjoy the scientific process. I love reading and do so broadly, with interests in cosmology, anthropology, literature. I hold liberal views and very progressive. I am vegan and love animals. My other hobbies are chess, theatre going, cinema, listening to classical music and just recently, amateur plane spotting. #Potterhead #LOTRisthebesttrilogy #lifeisbeautiful #lovewins

General Secretary
Jessie Barker

 Hey everyone! I’m Jessie and I’ll be your Gen Sec for Veg Soc ‘16/17. I’m really excited to be involved in the society this year, having been to many of the events and meet ups last year. Like Natasha, I’m a 2nd year Arts and Sciences student, with a (newly-found) passion for anything anthropology-related. Before coming to uni I took 3 years out to ‘find myself’ (kidding! well not really…) (it obviously took me longer than most!) One fateful night, in my grim, overcrowded Aussie flat I watched Cowspiracy and overnight, I become determined to lead a more compassionate, conscious lifestyle and became vegan. I’ve met so many great people since doing so, and can’t wait to meet more potential members of this growing community.

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